YES Cocktail Mixer

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Small batch hand crafted mixers made with fresh produce, herbs, spices, and botanicals. Mix with your favorite spirits for fun cocktail experience, or with soda water for a flavorful refresher! 

Size:16 oz bottle // Yield: 10-16 cocktails (that's less than $2 a cocktail!)// Shelf life: 2 years

5 flavors to choose from.

sold separately

* Blood orange and chili pepper (great with tequila or gin!)

* Charred Oak & Maple Syrup (great with bourbon!)

* Cucumber jalapeno (great with tequila and/or whiskey!)

* Hibiscus rose (great with EVERYTHING...including champagne!)

* Lavender Honey (great with EVERTHING...including champagne!)

* Blackberry Pomegranate